Taliban Beheads Beloved Athlete — And Biden Is The Only One To Blame

While the State Department is busing trying to figure out which pronouns to use, the Taliban is busy murdering innocent people in the most gruesome ways possible. Specifically, they are murdering women. And more specifically, they’ve murdered a player of the national Afghanistan women’s volleyball team. They then posted pictures of her decapitated body to send a message to any and all women who though they might want to participate in public events. Reminding them that even though they had a moment of freedom, that was no longer the case, and it was time for them to obey.

The volleyball player, an Afghan woman named Mahjabin Hakimi, was murdered by the Taliban. After which, the terrorist organization posted photos of her head, which had been severed from her body, onto social media, her coach said.

Hakimi was one of the nation’s best players in Kabul’s Municipality Volleyball club. She was slaughtered in the capital city after troops searched for women who were playing sports, her coach said.

She was actually murdered earlier in the month, but the death was not public, because the Taliban threatened her family and forced them not to talk about it.

Images of her decapitated neck were posted on social media in Afghanistan. There isn’t any information about her age. The message to women has been received, as other female sports-players started going into hiding, but not many of them have been able to escape Afghanistan and the horrors there.

Only two of the volleyball players from the team were able to leave before the Taliban took over.

Any female athletes that remain are being hunted down and killed by the Taliban. They are living in fear and despair, said the coach. Especially those that have played in highly publicized games.

The Taliban is murdering all that have committed the ‘crime’ of not being subservient to the men in the communities and dressing ‘immodestly.’ The same can be said of civil women’s judges. Any who have judged men during their court proceedings are facing certain death.

American Citizens that Joe Biden left in Afghanistan are facing the same. There are hundreds left in war-torn the country. And all of this is because our President made a bad decision, and refuses to own up to it.

Author: Elizabeth Olson