Strike! You’re Out — Liz Cheney Sent To The Dugout For Good

In one of the best cases of Karma we’ve seen in a long time, the Republican Party in Wyoming just voted that they will no longer be recognizing Liz Cheney, one of the nation’s leading RINOs, as a Republican member of their party.

The vote ended up at 32-29 in Buffalo on Saturday, and was performed by Wyoming’s Republican central committee, and then followed up by GOP officials that were local in about a third of the 23 counties in Wyoming to stop recognizing the infamous RINO as a Republican. Back in February, the GOP central committee in Wyoming overwhelmingly voted to have Cheney censured, even though she was their on U.S. representative. The reason for doing so was because she voted to have Trump impeached.

The resolution that was passed this weekend said that Liz Cheney was in favor of Trump’s impeachment, and made that decision with no quantifiable evidence of Trump’s crimes or misdemeanors. They said that even now, there isn’t any evidence offered up that would prove Trump did anything wrong, but Liz Cheney continues to defend her decision.

A spokesman for the Representative said it was totally laughable to say that she is anything but a Republican and committed conservative. He says that Cheney is bound by oath to uphold the constitution, and that the GOP leadership in Wyoming has abandoned those principles and are touting lies that are not only dangerous, but irrational.

Cheney has been taking the heat from many GOP congress colleagues over her reported obsession with taking down the former President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Earlier this year, the Republicans removed Cheney as No. 3 for the House leadership for Republicans. The support to have her removed was so massive, they didn’t even record a vote, as a voice vote was plenty to get it done.

Cheney repeatedly puts her foot in her mouth, and has done so at every public opportunity possible. Back in May, for example, on Fox News, Cheney said it was important to keep going after Trump because we must ‘uphold the constitution.’ But she’s done little to go after Biden and his bad policies because she’s spending all her time focusing on Trump. And now, she’s finally getting her dose of karma.

Author: Gill Meed