Stranded Americans Almost Make It Home — Until Biden Steps In

Just when you thought Biden couldn’t get any worse, he has to go and do something like this. Apparently, he thought it would be a good idea to block a charter flight that was evacuating Americans from Afghanistan as well as Afghani’s that held a green card. Biden wouldn’t allow them to land in the United States after they made the trip today.

Project Dynamo is a humanitarian group that’s been evacuating people from Afghanistan. They posted on social media after Biden wouldn’t let them in, saying what was originally a triumph has now turned into a tragedy.

Even after the government initially approved their entry, they then denied it for American passengers flying on board of Dynamo 01.

All the people on the plane held US passports, or were green card approved with valid passports from Afghanistan, as well as a few Afghanis with SIV approval.

There were 59 children on board that were below the age of 17 and another 16 that were below the age of 3. The passengers were all tested for COVID, which came back negative and they were all MR vaccinated.

Americans were literally denied entry to get into their OWN country by Biden and the federal government.

Permission was obtained from the Afghan Civil Authority of Aviation before the charter flight was sent to rescue said passengers from the airport in Kabul.

DHS said the denial was because they needed to obtain background checks for everyone on board. Customers cleared the charter flight to touch ground in NY but then changed the clearance to the Dulles Airport outside of Washington before finally denying rights for the plane to land anywhere in the United States.

The plane stayed on the tarmac in Abu Dhabi for over 14 hours while the debacle raged on after it took off from Kabul with 117 lives on board, and 59 children among them.

The State department also confirmed that t here are over 100 Americans waiting in Afghanistan that are ready to leave.

Even though Biden promised that every American would depart safely from the region before the August 31 deadline, or troops would be left behind to help them get out, this promise proved to be empty.

Biden has specifically ordered that unauthorized extraction and rescue missions be cut off, even if they are there to get Americans and allies out. This has made all evacuations very difficult, especially as the Taliban’s authority over the region spreads. And what’s our great President doing? Abandoning all American citizens to the Taliban.

Author: Kevin Gaetz