Stanford Scientist Has a Very Painful Message For Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci is ruined. He’s been exposed as a liar and the time has come for him to go away. Every time he makes a television appearance he damages the institutions which have been entrusted with the fighting of pandemics and pathogens. The medical expert field is going to be stained for a long while due to his corruption, and for the time being there’s no good reason to listen to them again. ‘Experts’ said to wear masks but didn’t inform the public that store-bought grade products were completely ineffective. They lied when they said that there was such as thing as an asymptomatic spreader. Fauci secretly believed that a COVID vaccine wouldn’t be necessary and had other secret misgivings that entirely contradicted his public statements. There’s also been a huge paper trail uncovered that links Fauci, EcoHealth Alliance, and the NIH to money sent to the Wuhan Virology laboratory which is increasingly understood to be the origin of the global pandemic.

Emails unearthed through a FOIA request reveal a longstanding history of continuous public lies about key information regarding COVID protocols and policies that were never backed by good scientific information. But the public health institutions went along with the ‘do-something’ measures anyway. A noble lie is still a lie, and when that lie is uncovered, the reputation damage can be catastrophic. What we know today is that the scientific health community willingly peddled in absolute fiction, influenced and corrupted by bias and politics that have saturated the ‘expert’ community. But now they speak in empty halls because they have lost all credibility with the public. People spent over a year fearing asymptomatic spreaders that were every bit as real as the Russian collusion myth. Other COVID variants? A scare tactic to keep would-be dissenters in line and in fear. The supposed impending doom that we faced last spring break as droves of rebellious mask-free people wandered in public never amounted to anything. The ruse is officially over, and a Stanford epidemiologist gave a perfect summary of Fauci’s current standing and credibility.

New York Post reports that Jay Bhattacharya, a Stanford professor of medicine, said that Fauci’s “credibility is entirely shot,” and that the public expert’s advice about masks throughout the pandemic was “all over the place.”

He cites the released emails, which he called a “treasure trove” that prove that Fauci “acknowledged the virus [was] aerosolized.” Bhattacharya added that cloth masks aren’t “particularly effective against aerosolized viruses.”

He said that the back and forth Fauci made policy-wise “made absolutely no sense.”

The emails confirmed what many already knew about Fauci, that he was a salesman of science fiction, incapable of making his own decisions. His indecisiveness showed up anyway throughout the pandemic as he confessed that mask mandates following mass vaccination was entirely political theatre. He owes Rand Paul an apology, as Paul called him out on it months ago. Fauci’s credibility is indeed shot.

Author: Gabe Jensen