Spineless Republicans Assist Dems In Confirming Pedophile-Friendly Justice

Republicans In Name Only.


The enemy within.

Call them whatever you’d like but don’t call them conservatives or pro-America or even Republican.

These lawmakers who consistently align themselves with evil (Democrats) have zero concept of what it means to put up a fight against one’s own enemy. They simply lay down in battle and allow themselves and their party to be run over by liberals who seek the total annihilation of conservatism.

Spinless Republicans, such as the ones who voted to confirm Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, don’t realize that while they play the role of a good-natured civil servant, radical Democrats have already begun infiltrating every aspect of government with their shock troops, waiting for the opportune time to strike.

Justice Jackson is merely one prong of the multi-prong liberal approach to radically transform this country into a nation absent of right-wing thought and right-wing people.

On Thursday, the United States Senate voted 53-47 to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson as the newest Supreme Court justice, making her the first black woman to be a member of the nine-judge panel, as if her race should matter whatsoever.

The “Republicans” who voted with Democrats to confirm Jackson were Sens. Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski — all the usual suspects.

Justice Jackson’s nomination is a major win for Democrats who are currently in the process of transforming America’s judicial system by rapidly nominating judges. Sen. Chuck Schumer bragged after Jackson’s confirmation that 58 federal judges have been confirmed since Democrats took the majority, three-quarters have been women.

That’s a scary thought.

Knowing this, you’d think Senate RINOs would put up a fight against the complete takeover of insidious liberalism in every branch of government — but no.

Biden is slated to make a speech over Jackson’s confirmation on Friday, though he released a brief statement on Twitter commemorating the vote.

Can you imagine something more embarrassing than an elderly statesman, the so-called leader of the free world, taking a SELFIE with a black woman after she was affirmative-actioned into the nation’s highest court? The level of cringe is almost too much to handle.

As Jackson’s nomination headed to debate this week, Republicans on the Senate floor continued their objections to the nominee, repeating concerns previously raised during the hours of Senate Judiciary Committee hearings last month.

Sen. Josh Hawley, a Missouri Republican, requested unanimous consent on Tuesday over his PROTECT Act of 2022, legislation he introduced last week to set five-year mandatory minimum sentences for child pornography offenders. The proposal came after days of Hawley raising repeated concerns about Jackson’s record of sentencing child pornography offenders below the U.S. Sentencing Commission’s recommendations.

Despite Republican lawmakers’ concerns over her “judicial philosophy” and questioning of her past career as a public defender, Democrats and White House officials sought to pour cold water on GOP allegations that she delivered light sentences.

Members of the American Bar Association also pushed back on Hawley’s claims that Jackson’s record “endangered children,” citing 250 professionals and judges who were interviewed regarding their experience working with the judge.

Democrats love to cite the opinions of “experts” and “professionals” — anyone in academia they can recruit — as proof they are on the right track. Meanwhile, what remains is the devastation caused by Justice Jackson’s record of allowing child pornographers off with light sentences.

Following her nomination in February, Jackson received endorsements from more than six dozen Republican and Democratic former state attorneys general, as well as backing from the Fraternal Order of Police and dozens of police chiefs and sheriffs.

Deep State influence must be spreading!

While Jackson may have a lengthy judicial career, the way in which she was affirmative-actioned as the second coming of Black Jesus to the nation’s highest court should put an uneasy feeling in every America’s stomach.

It’s not her race, it’s how Democrats present her race as a trait to be worshiped as if Jackson somehow holds the key to America’s future simply due to her black skin.

It’s a new religion for liberals since most of them are godless heathens.

Author: Monica Hedren