Special ‘Rules’ For White People Are Now Officially a Thing

Minneapolis’s ‘autonomous zone.’ A barricaded set of city blocks where George Floyd died last May is currently under the total control of thuggish BLM and Antifa militants.

The zone has been set up as a shrine to Floyds memory, and if you were planning a visit, just know that white people are held to special racist rules in side of the “sacred space.”

Daily Caller reporter Jorge Ventura captured video outside of the zone and shared it on Twitter. Aside from the normal traffic barricades and other objects spread along the street, Ventura noticed a sign that spelled out guidelines for entering the zone.

The sign posts three rules for people who enter as “invited guest[s].” They are to be reverent, wear a mask, and grieve. No big deal. However, there are also special rules posted for white people. The longest and most detailed part of the post tells white visitors to “decenter yourself” and consider whether their “volume, pace, and movements” might be out of accordance with “decentering.”

Other rules on the sign ask white people to not “drain” the “energy of the space,” and “consider” the need to take photographs or share them.

Back in March, NewsNation correspondent Brian Entin had a nasty run in at the border of the zone. Two militants showed up while he was recording footage and swore at him, issuing veiled threats.

Author: Drew Novak

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