So It Begins: ‘Deadly’ New Variant Makes It To The United States

We all knew it was coming, but it’s finally here. Dr. Fauci, our oh-so trusted leader, I hope you’re picking up on the sarcasm, just announced on the afternoon of Wednesday that the first case of the new ‘Omicron’ variant was just confirmed. Fauci made the announcement during a press briefing at the White house, where he confirmed that a person in California who had just returned from the Southern part of Africa tested positive for the new and ‘scarier’ variant.

The COVID-positive person returned of from South Africa on the 22nd of November, after traveling there for an unknown reason. The person is a fully vaccinated person, and is said to only be experiencing symptoms that are mild in nature. No one in this person’ close contact circle has tested positive as of yet, according to Fauci.

How do we know it’s Omicron? Fauci says that tests called genomic sequencing were performed on the sample at California’s University of California, located in San Francisco. The Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) later confirmed the positive Omicron test. Fauci says that people need to become vaccinated, get all of their children vaccinated and that they should sign up and get their booster shots if they have previously received a vaccine of the MRNA type and if it’s been more than six months since their last dose.

At this time, this California case is the only one that the CDC has confirmed to be of the Omicron variant, at least so far.

Biden and his administration shut travel down from South Africa and other nations in Africa after officials and scientists in South African identified the dangerous new variant. South Africa isn’t happy about Biden’s decision to close the borders, saying that Africa isn’t where the new variant originated, but is likely just where scientists were first able to identify the new variant. Biden is also under deep scrutiny because of his hypocritical open border policy for Mexico.

Fauci says the person who tested positive did everything correctly by seeking to get tested as soon as they started to experience symptoms of the Coronavirus.

Author: Jared Farmer