Sneaky Democrat Bill Allows The Government To Monitor Your Vehicle At All Times

It’s no secret that Democrats like to use one of the oldest tricks in the book to sneakily pass their hateful agendas. And one of them is to put tiny clauses amid massive amounts of texts inside their bills so that no one can catch it before it gets through the lawmaking process. And that’s just what they did with their brand-new infrastructure bill, which President Biden just signed. Hidden inside the bill is a tiny little ‘safety’ measure, which is set to take place in five years’ time. The tool has been marketed to Congressional lawmakers as a tool that will help prevent drunk drivers from wreaking havoc on the roads, but that isn’t really what it is. What it does is ensure that all car manufacturers include a ‘kill switch’ for every single vehicle that leaves the lot.

Of course, in standard Democrat fashion, the legislation is incredibly short on the details. The device is supposed to passively ‘monitor’ the driver to identify whether they might be impaired. If that isn’t setting off red flags in your brain, here’s why it should.

Firstly, the word passively could suggest that the system will be on at all time and always monitoring each vehicle. The next issue is that the system will be able to disable operational controls either before or during driving if someone is detected as impaired. And thirdly, the system should be ‘open.’ This means that authorized third-parties will be able to access the system and its data remotely at all times.

If you’re like most Americans, you probably value your privacy, and this is a direct violation of your rights to it. This just proves once again how much Democrats do not value the private lives of American citizens.

Allowing the government to decide when we can and cannot drive our cars is just another attack on our freedoms as Americans. Who’s to say this power won’t be abused? We’ve seen the same thing happen with masks, vaccines and vaccine passports. Now they want to take over vehicles, and this is just a backdoor way to gain more control over the lives of Americans.

Author: Devin Brooks