Slavery Reparations For Criminals Might Be On The Way

If you needed any more proof of the absolute lunacy that is the Democrat party, you need not look any further than this story. A man that brutally murdered a Burger King employee (or is at least accused of doing so) is now demanding to received slavery reparations. 

Winston Glynn, the accused, is on the hook for the murder of Kristal Bayron-Nieves, who was just 19 when she was gunned down at the Burger King restaurant she worked at in East Harlem. 

Police report that Glynn stormed into the Burger King in the early hours of January 9th, where he attacked a customer and the manager of the store. He stole a mere $100 from the cash register, before demanding that Bayron-Nieves give him more cash. 

Unfortunately for Bayron-Nieves, she didn’t have access to the cash drawer, as she didn’t have a key. Police say the young woman began to beg for her life, but Glynn shot and killed her anyway with one fire of the gun. 

NYPD Department Chief, Kenneth Corey, says that the murder of the young woman is a completely senseless case. He said there wasn’t any reason for Glynn to shoot the woman. She had already handed him the money she was able to give him, and she was doing her best to comply with all of his demands. He killed her for no reason whatsoever. 

As Glynn was being taken out of the police station in East Harlem on Friday, he started demanding reparation for slavery and screaming obscenities at a crowd that was gathered nearby. He said he wanted to know where his reparations were after 400 years of slavery, and then shouted the ‘F’ words at the crowd, while telling them that America is going to burn. 

The crowd of people could be heard screaming at Glynn and calling him garbage, a scumbag and other words that you wouldn’t want to say in front of your mother.  

What’s more tragic about  this case, is that Bayron-Nieves had only begun working at the restaurant three weeks previous to her murder, and she was already requesting to be moved from the night shift due to fear. 

The memorial for the young woman was held on Saturday, where her mother demanded that justice be brought down upon the murder. 

Author: Kip Nelson