Slain Marine’s Mother Teaches Biden a Lesson He’ll Never Forget

A mother of one of the Marines that was slain in the Kabul airport terrorist attack had a few choice words for Biden. Well, not just a few. She tore into the mentally incompetent President when she was on a radio show last Friday. She made it absolutely clear that the only person the blame for this tragedy was Biden. Now and forever.

Her name is Kathy McCollum, and her 20-year-old son was Rylee McCollum, a Lance Cpl. in the Marines. His child is due to be born in just a matter of weeks, but he will never have the opportunity to see his child or wife again. McCollum called into the show hosted by Andrew Wilkow, how hosts on BlazeTV. She first said that Biden was a “b***h,” and then went to town on the president and his failings.

McCollum says Biden is a feckless, piecie of crap that is just ridden with dementia, and that he and he alone sent her son to die. She said that two marines arrived at her door at 4 o’ clock in the morning to tell her that her son had died, and that all Biden had to say was some diplomatic crap about the war and terrorists, and then just to try and blow it off by saying sorry was completely unacceptable.

McCollum didn’t stop there with her verbal attack though. She took aim at every Democrat who voted Biden into office during the 2020 election. McCollum says that they also are responsible for killing her son by voting a mentally failing president that doesn’t understand he’s President into the White House.

McCollum’s call into the show was a total surprise to Wilkow, who tried to help her process the anger she is feeling. The grieving mother, however, was completely without solace, saying that her son “died in vain” because of the absolute botch of a withdrawal that Biden failed to pull off.

McCollum went on to say that Biden should be removed from office for allowing her son to die for nothing. And that none of this would have happened if President Trump were still in office. Truer words have never been spoken.

Author: William Gotz