Shocking Video Depicts Biden’s FBI Crackdown On Conservative Journalist

Without the proliferation of social media it would be impossible to discover the horrific crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Biden administration and other liberal institutions. The so called “empathy” wing of politics has a peculiar habit of demonstrated cruelty against conservatives or anyone who doesn’t tow the party line.

No one has depicted this phenomenon more clearly than James O’Keefe and his undercover journalist organization Project Veritas. The bravery of O’Keefe’s outfit is unmatched. His stealthy reporters have captured a bevy of liberal crimes stemming from New York Times reporter admitting that Jan. 6 was a staged FBI hoax to Google executives telling the truth about conservative censorship; it’s all there for the world to see.

[source: Breitbart]

Granted, mainstream media outlets refuse to touch anything Project Veritas produces, thus keeping the shocking stories on the fringe of society by labeling it as “hate speech” or “conspiracy theory.”

In November, James O’Keefe’s First Amendment rights were seriously infringed upon when Biden ordered federal police to execute a raid on the undercover journalist.  Earlier this week, he released a video purporting to show footage from the FBI raid on a Project Veritas journalist, ostensibly in pursuit of Ashley Biden’s missing diary.

The video, described at Project Veritas’s website and posted to YouTube as well, seems to show FBI agents pounding on a door, demanding to see someone’s hands raised, and rifling through personal belongings as they executed a search warrant.

After the FBI raided O’Keefe’s home, private and confidential memoranda from his lawyers were published by the New York Times, suggesting the possibility that the FBI leaked the documents to the paper. O’Keefe is currently suing the paper for defamation in state court, and he succeeded in persuading a state judge to stop the Times from publishing O’Keefe’s legal memos, and to return them to him. He also persuaded a federal judge to order a “special master” to review evidence on his personal cell phone, which the FBI seized in the raid, since material on the phone could prejudice the defamation case.

Without the widespread use of camera phones, social media, and other modern technology, raids such as the one against Project Veritas would simply go unnoticed. Now imagine the people targeted by federal police before these devices become so ubiquitous.

Scary to think about.

Author: Robert Bogart