Self-Defense Hero Labeled As Blood-Thirsty Murderer By Classmates

Unfortunately for Kyle Rittenhouse, even though he was acquitted of all charges, the leftist mob is still chasing after him relentlessly. Now, in Arizona, the school in which Kyle Rittenhouse attends, leftist students and their organization are trying to force Arizona State University’s administration to remove Kyle from the school.

Students for Socialism, Multicultural Solidarity Coalition, Students for Justice in Palestine and MECHA del ASU are just a few of the organizations that are trying to force the university to take action against Kyle. The four groups have also lovingly given him a new name: Murderer Kyle Rittenhouse.

Kyle was found to be not guilty on all of the charges that were brought against him after a jury finished deliberating his fate on the 19th of November. His charges were for shooting and killing two people and injuring a third person during the Kenosha riots of 2020 on the 25th of August.

Kyle Rittenhouse attends online at Arizona’s State University.

The left-leaning groups are also demanding that the administrators of the University reaffirm their commitment to supporting the campus multicultural center and keeping it a place that is safe from those with White Supremacy ideals.

Students are also making demands to redirect the campus police department’s funding to the center, and to establish something called a care center on campus.

They are also planning a protest and rally to keep Kyle Rittenhouse from coming to their campus on the 1st of December at the University.

The letter of demand also claims that the not-guilty verdict comes from a justice system that is flawed, and that Rittenhouse is still considered guilty to the victims he killed and their families. The letter also says that ASU must protect their students from the ‘blood-thirsty murderer.’

One spokesperson from the Socialism group said the goal is to make sure the University knows that they aren’t comfortable knowing they have a ‘mass shooter’ in their school.

They say that the Rittenhouse verdict is just a testimony to the flawed justice system in America that’s run by biased white judges and jurors, and that it was founded off of injustice in the first place.

Author: Nick Jones