Second Amendment Hero Gives Burglars The Surprise Of a Lifetime — Literally

In yet another instance where the Second Amendment has proven its mettle, two crooks, believing themselves able to victimize some poor American citizen, found themselves on the unexpected side of harm after their target brought out a weapon in defense of hearth and home.

The crooks were certainly the worst for it too. The incident took place in Lafayette, Louisiana, where police were dispatched in response to a burglary in progress at a private residence. Unbeknownst to the perpetrators, the homeowner was both present and armed, a fact the two burglars discovered too late after forcing entry into the building.

The resident, not a defenseless or disarmed fool, sent the burglars running for the hills in style, chased by the business end of a gun.

No mere instance of ‘brandish and dash,’ the homeowner struck both intruders with his weapon before they fled. Having lost their bid at pilfered property and sporting extra orifices to boot, the robbers recognized their unwelcome and took leave.

The bloody pair were in fact, caught by police after they sought medical attention at the hospital in address of their injuries.

A third individual who escaped harm, was caught and arrested by police as well and placed in the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center on account of principal to aggravated battery as well as a count of conspiracy to commit armed robbery. Furthermore, this third perp, a glutton for punishment, already had an outstanding warrant for his arrest in relation to a separate matter.

Law enforcement is continuing to investigate the shooting, and even suggested that additional arrests are expected in connection with the attack.

Author: Lindsay Watkins