SCOTUS Just Got a Hideous Makeover — See Who’s Responsible

Democrats in the House and Senate are planning to introduce legislation to expand the Supreme Court from the current 9 members to 13.

House and Senate Democrats came forward with a plant to expand the size of SCOTUS from 9 to 13 members.

Far-Left “activists” have been pushing Democrats to move forward with this agenda since President Trump appointed Amy Coney Barrett to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

During his Presidential run, Biden refused to acknowledge whether or not he supported this plan, but democrats are now gnawing at the bit to move forward with their scheme.

Democratic Representative, Mondaire Jones, didn’t hold back when discussing their plan, stating that the democracy is under attack (from Republicans) and that restoring power would require the Supreme Court expansion.

SCOTUS has been made up of nine members for over 150 years and though the constitution does not lay out how many members the court should have, it’s likely the our forefathers had no idea the democrats would pull something like this.

Author: Nelly Hunsaker

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