SAD: Nobody Wants To Hang Out With Grandpa Joe

About a quarter of the way through Biden’s presidency and it’s become increasingly apparent that Joe is by no means running the country on his own accord or by his own principles.

The entire Biden presidency is merely a logical continuation of Barack Obama’s domestic and foreign policies that, in all reality, served as a catalyst for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential victory.

Sleepy Joe is the goofier, dumber brother that somehow is always in the mix and though he’s much older than Barack, his influence over high-level Democrats in D.C. is non-existent in comparison.

The Biden White House celebrated Barack’s return on Tuesday with a special lunch organized to herald a landmark policy from their bygone era — Obamacare.

Obama, who first signed the Affordable Care Act into law in 2010, returned to the White House Tuesday for the first time since Former President Donald Trump was inaugurated. The current and former president shared good-natured banter in their speeches, and at one point Obama jokingly referred to Biden as “Vice President Biden.”

Yes, that failure of a policy is again being celebrated by its architects even though it did absolutely nothing to improve America’s healthcare system.

However, it wasn’t just a celebration. The lunch served as a signing ceremony for a new executive order aimed at strengthening the Affordable Care Act.


After the signing, Biden did his usual shaking of hands and saluting of the crowd before aimlessly wandering away as old men are wont to do. Looking for a friend amongst the crowd, Biden finally lifted his hands in frustration when he saw every prominent Democrat in the room flocking toward former President Obama.

Amongst those filling Obama’s orbit and ignoring Biden were Joe’s VP Kamala Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

In the video clips below you’ll see an increasingly confused Joe Biden visibly wondering where his friends are and why they aren’t speaking to him. The camera catches our cognitively deficient president eventually giving up after staring at the crowd surrounding Obama.

You almost start to feel marginally bad for poor old Joe, a man who’s being propped up like Mr. Burns in what is one of the single greatest illusions in American history, only second to FDR’s wheelchair.

Author: Monica Hedren