Rittenhouse Takes The Stand In Trial For His Life, Pulls a Fast One On Prosecutors

In a massive dice roll and huge risk, Kyle Rittenhouse stepped up to the witness stand to testify in defense of himself in a national-level trial that could have him spending the rest of his life in prison. The trial comes after Rittenhouse killed two people and wounded a third person during a fiery shootout in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This all happened during the riots of 2020. In August. Rittenhouse had tears pouring from his eyes as he recalled that night, when he was met by Joseph Rosenbaum, who laid in wait, then chased Rittenhouse before lunging at him and his firearm. Rittenhouse gave startling new details of his encounter with Rosenbaum.

He came off as very credible while on the stand, occasionally looking to his mother for comfort, as any 18-year-old would.

Rittenhouse didn’t just take the stand to discuss his past, but his future as well. Rittenhouse told the judge and the court that he studied nursing at Arizona’s State University and was medically trained.

Rittenhouse confirmed that he also heard Rosenbaum yell out to him and his friend that if they caught them alone, he was going to kill them. Rosenbaum also said he was going to cut their hearts out and kill them.

Rittenhouse says that on the 25th of August, 202, he was assisting in securing Care Source, because two other locations had already been lit up by rioters. He got separated from his group at a police line, and was asked to put out a fire at another location of the same company. He said he found an extinguisher and rant to that location.

It was at that time that he met Rosenbaum and his friend, Joshua Ziminski, who pointed a gun at him. Rittenhouse then fled the situation, dropping the fire extinguisher. He said he was trying to get out of the situation as fast as possible, and that’s when Rosenbaum started chasing him. Rittenhouse then started crying so much, the judge ordered a break in the trial.

He said he hear Ziminski fire the gun behind him and kept running. He said Rosenbaum boxed him in among a bunch of parked cars, and grabbed the barrel of his gun. It was after this that the first shooting went down, and then a mob of people started chasing him while screaming to kill him.

At one point he tripped, and Anthony Huber started beating him with a skateboard, at which pint he shot Huber. He was then attacked by Grosskreutz, who had a pistol. He shot him and then ran towards the police. Rittenhouse says all the shootings were in self-defense.

Author: Cathy Willhelm