Rittenhouse Prosecutor Caught Breaking The Law In Ironic Twist Of Fate

One of the most controversial trials of this decade is about to come to an end. A trial that has split the country nearly in half. The defense as well as the prosecution delivered their closing arguments yesterday, and the jury is now deliberating.

Kyle Rittenhouse was only 17 years of age when he shot the firearm that killed Joe Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber while he was in Kenosha, Wisconsin defending stores during the riots of 2020. Rittenhouse says he shot the men in self-defense – and all the evidence on various videos backs that statement up.

Testimony that was given by Gaige Grosskreutz, a man that was also shot by Kyle Rittenhouse in his arm during the riots, completely blew the prosecution’s case against the young man. Grosskreutz admitted that he was only shot after he himself had pointed a firearm at Rittenhouse.

The truth is that none of the ‘victims’ were very innocent. Huber was a convicted rapist and wife beater. Rosenbaum was also a sexual predator that had been convicted. There are not too many people who are shedding tears at their expense right now.

Thomas Binger, The Assistant District Attorney, has put on a total clown show during this event, making a vast number of remarks that were so odd that many people are getting lost in the maze that is his story. The judge himself even reprimanded Binger for doing his best to full a fast one during the cross-examination, going against the criteria that is set. He also pointed a gun at people that were inside the courtroom. Yes, it was a real AR-15 that he pointed inside the courtroom. It wasn’t loaded, but if we’ve learned anything from Alec Baldwin’s case, you can never be too sure. What’s even more ironic, is he didn’t even consider gun safety while showcasing the very weapon he claims to hate. And apparently it may be against the law to point a weapon in a courtroom. Go figure. He even had his finger on the trigger while pointing it at various people. There are already a million memes floating the internet right now, because literally everyone knows how stupid that is. That’s Democrats for you, though.

Author: Hank Jensen