Rittenhouse Gets The Surprise Of a Lifetime From One Of America’s Top Gun Organizations

Kyle Rittenhouse is finally getting a hard-earned break after more than a year of abuse from the left and the corrupt leftist legal system. But what really has him excited is the gift he is about to receive from one of the nation’s leading firearm groups, Gun Owners of America. They just announced that they will be giving Kyle an AR-15 rifle following his acquittal after he killed two men and wounded a third man during a self-defense incident.

The groups says that Rittenhouse is an example of a warrior for people who own guns. The group took to twitter to announce their gift for Kyle, issuing an alert that said they are giving him the gun because he has become such an example of gun right in the United States. They asked everyone to join them in thanking Kyle Rittenhouse for becoming a ‘warrior’ for all gun owners and for fighting for self-defense rights of those all across the country.

The senior VP of Gun Owners of America, Erich Pratt, addressed the fact that Kyle Rittenhouse has been under attack from the liberal media, saying people at USA Today and others believe that individuals like Kyle Rittenhouse shouldn’t be able to own an AR-15 type of gun to protect themselves, even though AR-15 styled guns are one of the largest groups of commonly owned rifles in the United States.

Pratt says that liberals want to force everyone to believe that AR-15s are super deadly, and more so than other rifles. But the truth is that there are lots of hunting rifles that fire bullets that are much bigger in diameter than the AR-15, and rounds that are much more lethal. Some examples would be the .30-06 or .308, which are much bigger and more lethal than the .223 round that AR-15s fire. The FBI agrees, as well. According to their data, you are much likely to die at the hands or feet of someone else, than at the end of an AR-15 barrel. These guns just aren’t the monsters that the liberal media is trying to paint them as.

Author: Will Ramon