Republicans Make Rioters Pay For Their Actions — Literally

A new bill is making it’s way up the ladder in Minnesota. A bill that would keep rioters from receiving aid from the state. That’s right, no more handouts to people who are breaking the law and destroying our cities.

The bill made its debut after thousands of Minnesota citizens decided they were sick and tired of violence and vandalism. What makes this stand out is the fact that Minnesota has a long and grand history of support as far as the freedom to protest goes. But the people are completely fed up with rioters looting their neighborhoods, businesses and homes.

While protests are protected under the constitution, vandalism and violence is not. The right applies to peaceful protests, and regardless of what liberal media outlets say, these protests are not peaceful.

It’s unclear why these so-called protestors think that looting and pillaging will honor those who have died.

Lawmakers hope that this new legislation will incentivize protestors to act like moral human beings, and halt their participation in illegal activities. This seems pretty unlikely, but here’s to hoping it works out for Minnesota lawmakers.

Author: Nathan Wright

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