Republicans Forced To Step Up As Team Biden Neglects Southern Border

The Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, made an announcement on Monday that she is deploying National Guard troops to the Southern border to help secure the growing crisis.

The announcement, which was made via Twitter, is coming just two days before the former President, Donald Trump, is schedule to visit the chaotic border with Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, as well as many other GOP House member.

Noem, who took office back in 2019, is joining a long lists of GOP lawmakers that are sending troops from their home states to help quell the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. Since the current president, Joe Biden, was sworn into office, the sheer number of migrants that are absolutely flooding the border has spiked.

Just last month, the Customs and Border Protection was in direct contact with over 180,000 migrants – which is a 675% rise since May of last year. These stats do not even include migrants that ‘get away’ either, with that amount nearing about 1,000 per day.

Abbott was more than grateful for Noem’s efforts, thanking her for helping keep border communities safe.

Abbott is a longstanding Trump supporter and has been at the front of the border crisis movement since Biden took office. He vowed to finish construction on the border wall in Texas, deployed troops at the border, and now is visiting the border with President Trump.

Abbot says that Texas will not sit idly while the feder government neglects border towns and communities. That he will not allow drugs like fentanyl to spread, and that Texas is going to do more than any state has done in the history of the United States to respond to what’s going on at the border.

The Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, announced in April that he would be sending 250 of his own National Guard troops. He has also been very critical of the Biden administration and their handling of the crisis.

All of this action at the border finally forced Kamala to spring into action after ignoring the border the entire time she’s been in office. Namely, Trump’s visit has forced Kamala to take action, though she won’t admit it. Case and point though, Biden’s handling of the crisis is an absolute disaster, and Republicans around the nation are stepping up and taking action where the current Administration is lacking.

Author: Marshall Haynes