Republicans Craft “The Perfect Revenge” — This Mega-Corporation is Sweating

Republican lawmakers in Georgia have set their sights on Coca-Cola after the company CEO James Quincey released a statement slamming the state’s election reform law.

Republican House Representatives signed a letter on Saturday, denouncing the food-giant for helping create an “out of control cancel culture.”

The letter explains that after the passage of Georgia’s ‘Election Integrity Act of 2021,’ Coca-Cola intentionally used propaganda and language which would drive the political wedge in the state. The letter continues that the government cannot “support corporations” who engage in such behavior.

Therefore, all Coca-Cola products have been requested to be removed from government buildings. They say that if the company wishes to accept responsibility for “their role in the dissemination of mistruths” that the lawmakers are open to avenues to “rebuild a working relationship.”

Last week, Georgia Republicans voted to strip Delta Air Lines of a $35 million tax credit after the airline changed stances on the voting bill, having initially supported it.

Author: Nancy Edwards

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