Republicans Come Up With Their Own Version Of Critical Race Theory For Schools

If there’s one thing that every good Republican knows, it’s that history is constantly repeating itself. And one thing that every Republican has in common is a foundational hatred of communism, and with good reason. But while long-time conservatives seem to instill in their children the chasm of immorality that comes when a nation sinks to communism, liberal schools and their Democratic teachers are all too ready to erase history – or keep it from ever being taught to kids.

But one group of Republican lawmakers has a solution to this gap in education that’s producing more and more socialist-biased teenagers and young adults. Maria Salazar, a Republican Rep from Florida, is teaming up with other lawmakers to pass legislation that forces high schools around the nation to delve into communism’s history around the world.

It’s called “Crucial Communism Teaching Act” and it would force high schools to provide classes that give an in-depth history of communism and it’s effects on the world. The bill already has attained 60 co-sponsors from Republicans in the House, and is likely to get many more.

During a Capitol Hill press conference on Thursday, Salazar announced the bill. She is a daughter of immigrants that came to America from Cuba and says that it’s the job of the nation to make sure our students are educated about communism and its true meaning.

Salazar says there is an alarming shift that’s happening today on the conscience of our great nation. She informed everyone that 33% of ‘Gen Z’ has a positive view of communism, while more than 40% of the Millennials says they don’t really now a lot about Marxism in the world or what it would look like.

Salazar is a representative of a district in the Miami area that has a large population of Cubans. She was joined in her sponsorship of the bill by heavy-weight Republicans like Dan Crenshaw, Jeff Van Drew and Mariannette Miller-Meeks, who are from all different parts of the nation.

The truth is, the rising generation just doesn’t know much about communism of the deaths and destruction it’s brought in this world, and it’s time to make sure they know it.

Author: Lucy Nameze