Red State Makes Biden Pay For Treading On Their Freedoms

An Arizona bill was signed on Tuesday by Governor Doug Ducey, banning local governments and their employees from aiding or enforcing any infringements on gun rights that come from the federal government.

House Bill 2111, passed both the House and Senate as a measure to preempt new gun regulations that may be handed down from the Biden administraiton.

President Biden has made promises to ban assault weapons, magazines and take other gun control actions in the wake of several mass killings that took place since he’s entered office.

The bill is not without it’s critics, Paul Penzone, County Sheriff of Maricopa County said that he believes there was “political motivation” behind it.

He explains that the impact the bill will have on law enforcement is one of confusion, likely to create more problems than it seeks to solve.

Others have suggested that the law will end up dead after expensive litigation, to be paid for by taxpayers.

Senator Lisa Otondo (D-AZ) made assurances to gun owners that their rights were safe, promising that nobody was seeking to confiscate firearms or restrict their right to own them.

However, despite such assurances, Americans have purchased guns in record numbers in the first months of Biden’s presidency over concerns of future bans.

Author: Alex Whitfield

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