Red State Citizens Make Biden Regret Stepping Foot In Their Home State

When will Biden learn that no matter where he goes, people are going to tell him how much they hate him? That’s just what happens when you’re one of the worst Presidents to step foot in the oval office. And Wednesday was no different, for Biden. He headed off to Kentucky to try and survey some of the tornado Damage in the state, and the citizens were not very happy to see him, greeting him with “Let’s go, Brandon!” chants and jeers.

He also came face-to-face with a Trump flag the second he stepped out the Presidential motorcade in Mayfield. Someone yelled the infamous chant twice as he made his way into the town.

The phrase, which is really an anti-Biden phrase, because a sensation on the internet back in October when a reporter for NBC was attending the NASCAR Xfinity Series and incorrectly interpreted NASCAR fans’ chants to mean “Let’s Go Brandon.” This occurred after Brandon Brown, a NASCAR driver took the win at the race. The reporter thought they were cheering him on, but it reality the crowd was really chanting, “F*** Joe Biden.” It’s now one of, if not the most, popular anti-Biden chant in the country. It breaks out at sporting events, concerts and even churches.

Biden was in Kentucky this week after at least 88 people have been killed, including 74 people in Kentucky alone, after severe storms and tornados hit various parts of the South and the Midwest last weekend.

President Biden spoke with the Governor of Kentucky, Andy Beshear, upon his arrival at Fort Campbell, where he then received a briefing of the storm report at an airport that is located in Mayfield. The President was also joined by Alejandro Mayorkas, representing Homeland Security, who told the local and state leaders not to hesitate in asking for anything from the government at a federal level.

Biden took a tour in the air of the damage to Mayfield, as well as a ground tour through the destruction-ridden roads.

Biden said he is committed to providing support wherever it is needed to help in the recovery of the damaged areas.

Author: Lola Waite