Rand Paul Teaches DirecTV a Lesson They Won’t Forget: Censorship Doesn’t Pay

When will leftists learn that you can’t just censor all the information that you don’t like? Recently, DirecTV decided to drop OANN, One American News Network, from their TV lineup, likely because the conservative network isn’t ‘woke’ enough for them. Rand Paul, a top Senator from Kentucky responded to this news by leading the nation in a boycott, proving that cancel-culture doesn’t come without consequences.

DirecTV confirmed the new that they wouldn’t renew their previous contract they had with OANN. OANN is well-known for being a very conservative new organization, and it’s very pro-Trump. Bloomberg News was the first to report of the separation of DirecTV and OANN.

A spokesperson for DirecTV said to Daily news that they had already informed Herring Networks (which owns OANN) that they didn’t plan to renew the contract after they conducted an internal review, which they say was routine. They say that once the current agreement they have with the networks expires, that will be it for them.

Rand Paul made an announcement on Monday that he’d be dropping his DirecTV services, and announced that he hoped others would do the same to boycott the network that is censoring Republican news. Rand Paul says there is no point in giving money to people who hate conservatives. He blasted the company on twitter. With over 3.4 million followers, his tweet was immediately popular, gaining 45k likes and a whopping 10k retweets.

It’s likely that DirecTV is intentionally trying to sink the conservative networks, as DirecTV is OANN’s largest distributor for programming. The agreement for broadcasting with them will end starting in April.

Many people have turned away from traditional conservative news, like Fox, and no longer used them as their most trusted source. One poll in February of 2021 found that OANN and Newsmax are the new favorites of Trump Supporters who have lost faith in the Fox News network.

Fox news has since reclaimed their top ratings spot among all the other able new channels, however CNN, which is its largest competitor, is facing a massive drop in ratings and viewers since the U.S. capitol riot, which happened on Jan 6, 2021.

Author: Libby Henderson