Rand Paul Makes Urgent Plea To All Americans Last Night

The Republican Senator of Kentucky, Rand Paul, had a very specific request for the citizens of Kentucky, and anyone else who cares to listen, and made a blatant call to action last night. Rand Paul asked all citizens to ignore the new mask-wearing mandates and to disregard the upcoming lockdown that will likely be imposed because of the new Delta variant in the United States.

Rand Paul told Fox News on Wednesday that he is asking his citizens to choose their freedom instead of just accepting mask mandates coming down from Washington from the likes of President Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and other ‘petty tyrants.’ He also asked them to ignore local bureaucrats that are preaching the same thing.

Rand Paul’s message is simple – Resist the COVID tyranny. He warned citizens that as much as they’d like to think they can, Democrats can’t arrest us all. They can’t send every child that doesn’t wear a mask home from school, and they can’t close all the government buildings – though he says he knows of a few3 that should be closed.

The Senator has a history of action against mask mandates and lockdowns, and argues that the American public does not and should not have to accept the harmful policies that are treading on our freedoms due to the volatility of the new Delta variant.

Paul also dealt out harsh criticism to Nancy Pelosi for an order she put out that would call for the arrest of Congressional aides and non-mask-wearing visitor to be arrested if they refused to abide by the mask policy. Paul also let Biden know that he, and the American publican, refuse to accept any lockdown procedures.

But his verbal beating didn’t stop with Washington dems, it went all the way down to the locals. Paul slammed them for trying to shut down schools, citing the mental and physical health of children as a just cause to keep schools open.

Paul said he is absolutely fed up, in a message to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief medical advisor. Paul says Fauci is not staying in line with science and has proven that again and again.

Paul says that the ‘tide has turned’ and that more Americans are ready to stand up against the tyranny, and choose freedom.

Author: Betsy Bordeaux