Radicals Infiltrate Congress, Pave Way For Extremist Policies

Sitting member of congress and squad member, Rashida Tlaib, is under serious duress following a controversial tweet she released on social media. Tlaib decided the best thing she could do to ‘unify’ the country was to get involved in the Minnesota riot chaos.

Tlaib took to twitter to unleash a comment about a black man who recently died in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Tlaib, like many of the other rioters and protesters, believes that to solve the problem of black men being killed by police officers, we should just ban all the police. She took it a step further though, saying that incarceration should also be banned. Talk about cancel culture.

So, what is Rep. Tlaib really trying to say? That there is no chance at behavioral reform? Should we just let terrorists and criminals run rampant through the streets?

Daunte Wright, the young man who was killed, was shot after he evaded a police officer during an attempted arrest. The officer who pulled the trigger later admitted the shooting was an accident, and she meant to use her taser.

Tlaib and other Democrats won’t let this explanation fly though. Why? Because that doesn’t fit with their narrative and agenda to divide the nation. Because according to them, nothing the police do is ever an accident.

Author: Linda Williamson

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