Radical Teacher Gets Exactly What He Deserves For Brainwashing Youth

One teacher in California has just been fired after a video leaked from his classroom showing him brandishing the flag of antifa and praising and supporting the left-extreme militant group.

Gabriel Gipe was an Advanced Placement teacher who taught government at his local school. His extreme beliefs and actions were exposed by Project Veritas, a conservative watchdog group who obtained video and released it to the public. Gripe openly admitted that his goals was to indoctrinate and radicalize his students and attempt to convince them to fully support Marxism.

Gipe explained that he has just 180 days to transform students into revolutionaries while “scar[ing] the living f*** out of them.” Each week, the teacher posted a calendar of events. He said students would show up for protests, tabling, community events and food distribution. When they show up, they get extra credit. Marxism is party of getting a good grade in this class

Gipe also said he would give his students quizzes on “ideology.” He would then post them quizzes on the classroom wall for everyone else to see.

He said every year the quizzes get further left. He says that it’s his goal to bring these kids further and further left.

One student even complained about the presence of an antifa flag inside the classroom. Gipe had a simple explanation for that. The flag is apparently used to make ‘fascists’ uncomfortable.

He told the student that if they felt uncomfortable, it was their own fault, and that they shouldn’t be in line with the values that aren’t in support of the antifa flag in the first place.

Gipe is also in full support of a violent uprising, saying that he hopes that he can aid in the organization of a group that will take up arm and go against the governments. He said that it’s important to have martyrs fighting for a cause like this.

The School District, Natomas Unified, placed the teacher on leave and then fired the teacher following the video leak.

Parents are obviously outraged, saying that the school district has failed the children by allowing them to be abused and afraid every single day while this leftist whacko indoctrinated them. One thing’s for sure, there’s more than just Mr. Gipe out there. And not all of them will be caught before it’s too late.

Author: Kelly Green