Putin Closes In As Biden Sits Twiddling His Thumbs

Things are just going from bad to worse thanks to Biden’s failure to secure peace in Eastern Europe. Military forces in Russia have apparently just received orders from the big man himself, Vladamir Putin, to invade and move forward into Ukraine, according to a bombshell new report on U.S. intelligence.

Margaret Brennan, a CBS News Host, says President Biden is very certain that the invasion into Ukraine is about to happen and that it was President Putin himself who gave the order.

David Martin, a CBS correspondent, said that he’s certain of this because intelligence is saying that troops from Russia have just recently received the order to proceed with their invasion. He says that not only are the troops closing in on the border and moving into positions of attack, but the Russian ground commanders are making places for how they are going to maneuver based on their locations in the battlefield. He says they are doing everything that commanders in America would do after they were given an order to proceed.

The CBS New report comes right on the heels as Putin has gathered around 190k troops near the border in Ukraine, and has effectively surrounded the entire country. One U.S. officials said to reporters that about half of the soldiers near the border are ready and, in a position, to attack.

According to AFP:

Tactical assembly points are areas next to the border where military units set up in advance of an attack. The official said Moscow had massed 125 battalion tactical groups close to the Ukraine border, compared to 60 in normal times and up from 80 at the beginning of February.

The increase in clashes between pro-Russian separatists in the southeastern Donbass region of Ukraine and Ukraine government forces, and inflammatory claims by officials in Russia and Donbass, show that “the destabilization campaign has begun,” the official said.

Many Republican leaders are blaming Biden and his bad foreign policies for what could potentially be the start of WWIII, but only time will tell what happens next.

Author: Mary Dean