Psaki Unveils a Threat Bigger Than Russia – And No One Has Stopped Laughing Since

The Press Secretary for the White House, Jen Psaki, just made an announcement that might even make Liberals shake their heads. Despite the fact that we are facing increasing tensions with one of the most dangerous powers in the modern world, Russia, Psaki just reiterated the idea that global warming is the greatest threat in America right now…. Not Russia. The statement came in a press briefing that was held on Tuesday. Psaki was asked by a reporter whether or not the White House is in support of an assessment carried out by the United States military that said global warming still ranks as the #1 issues facing the country today.

Psaki, as she usually does, did her best to deflect from the reporter’s question by telling the reporter to refer to the pentagon for any commentary on the issues. However, when Psaki was continually pressed on the matter, she didn’t deny that Biden and his administration’s biggest focus is on the supposedly ever-changing climate. Yes, because that’s what everyone is concerned about right now, as Russian has literally been pouring troops into the Ukrainian region and is taking advantage of our mentally inept President every step of the way.

Psaki was also unable to come up with an explanation on how Biden is doing to bring down gas prices as tensions with Russia continue to skyrocket. Once again, the Biden administration is all talk and no action. The clown show continues, and they prove time and time again that no one in that office has any idea what’s going on outside the walls of the White House, and possibly even inside them, as mentally incompetent Biden hides in the basement and shields himself from the wrath of the American people.