Psaki Goes Ballistic After Reporter Asks This Simple Question

It seems like tensions might be a bit high in the Biden administration, and that was particularly evident when Jen Psaki threw a tantrum after being asked a simple question by Jacqui Heinrich, a Correspondent for the White House from Fox News. Heinrich wanted to know when the public should expect an update from CDC experts about mask policies, especially since quite a few states have already begun setting dates to remove their current mask mandates. Psaki pushed back quickly against the question though, in a response that seemed completely inappropriate for the situation.

The reporter asked, “When are we going to hear from the CDC on this guidance? California yesterday changed their guidance. Randi Weingarten — teachers union — is vocally asking for the White House and the CDC to weigh in. So when are we going to hear from the CDC about updating the guidance on masks?”

Psaki then began spewing her normal rhetoric about how the CDC will give the information when they have it, saying that they have to move at the pace of science and data. She then moved on to say that Biden and his administration’s goal is to do whatever will allow schools in the country to remain open.

Heinrich tried to come back with a follow-up question but was quickly dismissed with a terse “Let me finish,” from Psaki.

She then continued, reiterating her points, “We know what works. The CDC is always going to be reviewing their guidance, including mask guidance. But in terms of when they will provide additional new guidance, that is up to them.”

Heinrich then asked, “Do you believe then that the Democratic-led states who are breaking with the CDC on this guidance, that they’re not — that they’re throwing science away and that the CDC is — has access to different science somehow?” Referring to numerous Democrat states that have mask roll back plans in place already, including places like Connecticut, New Jersey, Oregon, Delaware, and California.

Psaki responded that the White House wasn’t looking at things that way. She says that the ultimate goal is to have local governments and leaders looking at the science and making decisions based on that.

Author: Jake Farmer