Project Veritas Makes a Discovery That Could Put Pfizer Out Of Business

It looks like all those crazy conspiracy theorists weren’t so crazy after all, because what Project Veritas just discovered it something straight out of a horror movie. Project Veritas has discovered multiple scientists that believe natural immunity is more effective against COVID than their own vaccines. In the video the organization released on Monday, the investigative journalists spoked to multiple employees working within the pharmaceutical giant.

They employees said they’d been forced to go to seminars that said the vaccines were more effective than being naturally immune. But that this info runs completely counter to the date on immunity from COVID, which even the employees of Pfizer are acknowledging.

Nick Karl, a scientist that works for Pfizer, said the vaccine is just one protein and on antibody against a specific party of the virus. But if you actually get the virus, you start making antibodies for multiple parts of the virus.

Despite all the evidence, the federal government is continuing to promote vaccines, claiming they are the only way to gain protection from the deadly COVID virus. In fact, the surgeon General Doctor even said that natural immunity isn’t anywhere close to the immunity you get from the vaccines.

He said that they are seeing more evidence that you only get a small amount of protection from the virus when you are infected naturally, but that it isn’t nearly as much as when you get the vaccines. He says that especially with the new delta variant, you need the vaccine because it’s so effective, and delta is the most contagious and hardy variant we have seen so far.

When the scientists weren’t aware that cameras were on them, they said they were very uncomfortable with what Pfizer is doing as a company. Chris Croce, their senior associate, says the employees are expected to promote the vaccine agenda to bring in more sale, without regard for the health of individuals. He even went as far as to call the organization evil.

He also said monoclonal antibody treatments have been pushed to the side, and forced vaccines are the only thing being promoted by the government and the company. Project Veritas promises more videos will be forthcoming, further exposing the government corruption.

Author: Nick Green