Progressives Confused As BLM Support Plummets

The New York Times issued an opinion piece about declining support for Black Lives Matter, and they have no understanding of why that would be.

The article notes that in the days after George Floyd’s death, support for BLM rose sharply, but after June 3rd, support for the movement took a nosedive as it entered summer. With some populations, support for BLM dropped below figures previous to Floyd’s demise. With some voting segment, such as Republicans, support transformed into opposition.

The article’s tone suggests that opposition to the movement paints Republicans and white people as “fickle,” but they don’t actually identify why there might have been a sharp drop in support following June 3rd. Instead, they suggest that right-wing people just don’t like protestors to seek a redress of their grievances, or that Republicans just have a problem with civil rights. Their point? All Republicans are racist.

What’s entirely absent from the article is the riots, the killings, the assaults, and the destruction which the BLM movement precipitated over the past year, particularly around the period of late May and early June. Perhaps there’s a link in the data there? How could anyone with a shred of intellectual honesty leave out such an obvious link as explanation of the data?

The data reveals that all populations agree that black lives do in fact matter, which is why there was popular support at first, but after the movement became violent and disconnected from any reasonable scope into racial disparities in police violence, support fell through the floor amongst all races.

Of course, however, the New York Times must bend the truth to fit a narrative, the narrative that all Republicans and white people are uncaring and racist rather than being concerned by the billions of dollars in damage to small businesses seen at the hands of BLM domestic terror.

The article notes that white Democrats are continuing to support BLM anyway, which they read as a positive sign. The more intelligent minded reader will probably instead notice that this means that those individuals are entirely ignorant about the widespread destruction of BLM, or are complicit with it and agree that the radical and violent nature of the movement is just.

The article ends by saying that continued opposition to BLM is steadfast. This is the truly positive signal.

Author: Charles Payne

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