Progressive TV Host Flips Red — Gives ‘Biden & Co.’ The Ultimate Smackdown

Longtime comedian and show host on HBO Bill Maher recently criticized higher education on his show, calling the affair a “grift” which was similar to Scientology.

He said that college “is a racket” that sells overpriced “ticket[s] to the upper middle class,” during a six-minute-long monologue.

He attacked the Biden administration’s ‘American Families Plan’ which he points out, asks taxpayers to pay out “hundreds of billions” in order to send everyone to college, meanwhile also subsidizing childcare so that as he sees it, kids can go to school while the adults go to school at the same time.

He said that while he understands that historically, “free college is a left-wing thing” but asked whether it was truly “liberal” to ask workers who chose not to attend college and make lower income to then pay for others to go to college free of cost and earn more than them. He also excoriated college’s as “giant luxury daycare centers” staffed with “overpaid babysitters” who are far too willing to “indulge every student whim.”

Maher said that China was “kicking our ass” and pointed out that part of the reason could be connected to the fact that in 2019, more undergraduate degrees were issued for performing and visual arts than for math, tech, or science. He then a quote from Olivia Jade, Laurie Laughlin’s daughter, who said that she didn’t know how much school she was ultimately going to go through but really wanted “the experience of. . . game days and partying.”


Maher then stated that “I’m not f***ing paying for that,” as he led into an observation of how more frequently ‘A’ grades are handed out, and saying that it was “not because [students] got smarter.” He also examined that astonishing rate at which college tuition has risen in comparison with the the inflation rate.

He pointed out how frequently he hears from workers such as nurses, teachers and even librarians who need to obtain master’s degrees just to get in the door at entry level positions. He sympathizes with their complaints that they have to “take some bulls*** course” when really they learn all they need through experience at the job itself.

Maher finished by saying that the answer isn’t found by making college free to all, but to “make it more unnecessary” because for “most jobs” it truly is unnecessary.

Author: Toni Johnston