Progressive Protege Shows He Has No Business Sense

David Hogg, gun control activist and purported MyPillow competitor announced on Twitter that he has quit the GoodPillow enterprise altogether. A company which he started with William LeGate just a short two months ago that has not produced a single product.

Hogg announced that he divested himself of all his GoodPillow shares, leaving LeGate with full ownership of the company. Hogg claims that he quit so that he could focus on his education and activism. A small business turns out to have been a harder thing to accomplish than Hogg expected.

It’s unclear how it is that Hogg surrendered “shares” since “GoodPillow” is registered as an LLC, a company structure that does not issues shares.

Back in February, Hogg intended to compete with MyPillow because the company’s CEO was supportive of former President Donald Trump. Hogg recruited LeGate and they intended not just to run MyPillow into the ground, but Fox News as well based on their premise that the pillow company’s advertising dollars were the only thing keeping the network alive.

But the progressive pillow company was quickly beset upon by demands from the far-left. Soon they were tasked with producing a pillow which was not only competitive, but built with union labor, carbon neutral, and other such complications. The company was designed as a financial funnel for progressive causes, intending to donate all profits to gun control groups and related organizations.

Hogg was met with mockery from social media, as internet users quickly pointed out that Hogg had underestimated how hard it was to run a small business.

Author: Glenda Douglas

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