Progressive Narrative Collapses In Light Of The Data

While far-left protesters continue to ravish America’s cities over the alleged problem of systemic racism in policing, the truth about police shootings is completely counter to their claims.

According to archive data from the Washington Post, most fatal police shootings (about 75%) in the U.S. involve circumstances where the officer is under direct attack or they are protecting others from violence.

The numbers reveal that of all fatal police shootings, 28% of deaths were from criminals dying while shooting at police or others, 16% were using melee weapons or involved in other forms of physical assault, and 31% were brandishing a gun.

Of all officer-involved shootings, only 10% of deaths come from unarmed people. This data entirely contradicts the progressive activists’ narrative that police regularly use lethal force against peaceful civilians.

The data also reveals that officers lethal response come in situations which are deemed life-threatening, and race is not a factor at all in their decision.

While Black and Hispanic people are disproportionately represented in the criminal statistics, the context for when an officer chooses to shoot appear identical when the suspect is white. Despite the data we have, however, the mainstream media will continue to push the false narrative that across the country, police officers regularly target people of color.

Author: James Reynolds

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