Private Group Defies Democrats, Helps Trump End Border Crisis

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

The crisis at our Southern border continues to grow, as Democrats pretend like nothing is wrong. Thousands of migrants demand asylum in the U.S., as many others try to sneak it at every opening. President Trump struggles to acquire funds to finish the wall. But one private group just made his job a lot easier.

There is no denying the massive problem at our Southern border. It’s always been bad–for decades. But for nearly a year, caravans of thousands of migrants have marched to our border. These undocumented immigrants try to get passed our immigration rules by demanding asylum in the United States.

President Trump has tried to discourage this scheme, by making migrants wait in Mexico. But many refuse to even wait. The large number of caravans have allowed many to sneak over, our laws and rules be damned. Border Patrol, ICE, and Customs are all stretched thin. They can’t process asylum claims and prevent border jumpers.

The only solution is to build the wall. But Congress refuses to do anything. Recently, Nancy Pelosi was forced to admit there is a crisis at the border. Yet where is the funding? Democrats in the House are only concerned with trying to impeach Trump. They have made it clear that the last thing they want to do is protect Americans.

Trump has been able to secure funds to repair old parts of the wall and build new sections. But there’s many miles that are yet to be secured. So, a private group raised its own cash and is doing what our government refuses to do.

A private group called “We Build the Wall” says they’ve finished construction on a segment of border wall in New Mexico, closing a gap in the existing border wall themselves rather than waiting for Congress and the President to come to an agreement over how to fund the massive construction project along the United States’ southern border…

We Build the Wall claims the half-mile section of steel wall is the first privately constructed part of the border wall, and that their project moved faster and, at $8 million, required less funding than a similar project headed up by the federal government. The group, led by former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, also says they’ve got the blessing of President Donald Trump and United States Border Customs and Protection, who were grateful for the help…

The half-mile segment of border wall, the group says, closes a gap frequently used to smuggle both people and drugs. Kobach added that on a “typical night” around 100 migrants and $100,000 worth of illegal narcotics passed through the half-mile hole. [Source: Daily Wire]

Well, well, well! Private industry is finding solutions the government can’t manage? Where have I seen that before?

Oh wait, all the time! We see that all the time.

As corrupt Democrats and politicians delay progress in Congress, private citizens are doing their job. Congress might never give Trump the funds he needs to fully secure the border wall. They will drag out this process, coming up with excuse after excuse, so that the border remains open and weak.

Democrats don’t want to give Trump any kind of victory. Securing the border is especially bad for them; they’ve been exploiting illegal aliens for years for votes and support. If the border was properly secure, as it should be, Democrats would lose a major advantage in elections.

Why else do you think they support sanctuary cities so viciously?

But where our government is failing, private citizens are picking up the ball. This proves that there is a huge number of Americans that demand the wall. They are tired of waiting for Congress to actually wake up and do the right thing.

Millions of Americans are hurt, thanks to our weak open border. The drugs that enter our country from the South have taken countless lives. Criminals that enter are deadly. And that’s to mention the damage illegal immigration does to our jobs market.

Americans are done waiting for Congress to get off their butts and work. This project was completed on-time and much cheaper than what the government would pay.

Hmm… maybe Trump should just get Americans to finish the wall themselves!

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