Prince Harry Thinks American Rights Are “Bonkers”

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle had an explosive separation from the British royal family last year. Continuing his gig as a victim of royal oppression, he spoke with Dax Shepard on the podcast Armchair Expert, claiming that he suffered a history of “genetic pain and suffering” from his father and forefathers.

Harry, who relocated to California, also took a jab at the First Amendment. Not understanding how the laity could be allowed to say whatever they please, he called the right to free speech “bonkers.”

Harry recently did yet another ‘tell-all’ interview with the ever popular Oprah Winfrey, during which his wife Meghan attacked an unnamed person in the royal family of flagrant racism, and also suggested that the royal family was inconsiderate of pregnant women with depression. To get away from his family and break the viscous cycle of “genetic pain and suffering,” Harry relocated the family to the United States.

Harry believes that he was raised in the same fashion that his father was raised in. Not appreciating the details of his childhood, Harry says that he’s decided to make a commitment to raise his own children differently.

On Meghan’s advice, Harry started mental therapy, claiming that the experience was “like the bubble was burst.” He decided in the wake of therapy that he should use his “privilege” and “platform” to “effect change.”

During the podcast interview, Harry claimed that he has “so much. . . to say” regarding the First Amendment. Harry said that he “sort of understand[s]” free speech, “but it is bonkers,” he told the podcast host. He complained that freedom of speech allows for exploitation and loopholes of “what’s not said,” with no enforcement requiring media to publish “what is said.”

American’s quickly took after the British Prince for his opinions about the American Constitution. Commenters on the podcast’s website suggested that Harry head back home where he wouldn’t need to put up with American’s “bonkers” Constitutional rights. It was also explained that the purpose of the war of Independence was to expel Royals from the land, telling Harry that royalty is unwelcome “on our soil.”

Author: Vicky Wise

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