Population Control Under Biden? This Nominee All But Guarantees It

Biden continues to fill his cabinet with state-of-the-art, new age whackos, and this one is definitely no different. His picks to head up the Bureau of Land Management is none other than Tracy Stone-Manning. What makes our leading lady so special, is that she, on multiple occasions has argued the need for population control. Yep. She thinks that Americans are having too many children, and in fact, refers to children as “environmental hazards.” Not just in word, in writing, too. Manning’s University of Montana graduate thesis was all about the harms of children. Oh wait, more specifically, American children.

The morally superior Manning is already under fire though, as she’s been found to have a connection to an ecoterrorism event in the form of tree spiking in the 80’s. If you don’t know what tree spiking is, it’s where someone inserts a metal rod or nail into a tree, in hopes that some innocent logger, or anyone for that matter, who decides to cut the tree down, will hit it with their chainsaw – often resulting in death.

As part of her thesis, Manning created the following advertisements. One with a picture of a baby and the pointed text, “environmental hazard.” She then goes on to explain how people should only be allowed to have two children, if they have children at all.

This is just one of eight disgusting advertisements manning included in her thesis.

Another one of her ads comes in the form of a television scripts. It’s a woman daydreaming while having a cup of coffee and debating whether or not to have another child.

It paints the woman as a selfish, haughty person, looking to have another child because she and her husband are ‘smart,’ and ‘smart people should have babies.’

Then the video cuts to footage of smokestacks, dams, smog, birds covered in oil, etc. etc. You get the picture, we’re sure you’ve seen the type. The ad then informs you how American children burn nearly 500x more energy than any child born in Ethiopia. It then blasts Americans for adding 2 million ‘energy-hungry’ babies to the world each year, and coveys the message that American need to have less children than everyone else in the world.

The entire thing reads like an Orwellian novel and certainly raises questions about whether Biden’s BLM Pick, should ever be placed in charge over federal lands and policies.

The woman has even been caught lying on multiple occasions. She once told senators she’d never been the subject of an investigation, but surprise, surprise, the tree-hugger was caught impaling trees with nails in the forest. She even spent 17 months in prison for her anti-logging acts.

What on earth is Biden thinking? Clearly not much.

Author: Lola Benson