Poll Shows That Democrats Are Afraid Of Republicans, And They Want Them Locked Up

Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports recently released a report from a recent survey of American voters that’s turning heads. The eye-opening poll details how a large number of Democratic voters are willing to persecute their fellow Americans for not accepting the CCP COVID-19 vaccine.

The survey revealed that Democrat and Republican voters have completely opposite opinions regarding Dr. Anthony Fauci, Democrat President Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor. The poll showed that a full 75% of Democrats favorably view Fauci versus just 21% of Republicans seeing the COVID King in a positive light.

Most shockingly, almost half, 48% of Democrats, believe that the government should imprison and fine anyone who questions the CCP vaccine’s efficacy on social media, radio, television, or other publications. Still surprising is that 14% of Republicans agreed that criminal punishments should be carried out for criticizing the vaccines.

Regarding enforcement of COVID-19 policies, almost half of Democrats again, 47%, said that they would support a government tracking program for unvaccinated people. In total, just 66% of the total pool of 1,016 polled individuals said that they opposed the government’s use of digital tracking devices on its citizenry for the pandemic.

The survey also revealed that 55% of Democrats supported a fine against Americans who refused the COVID-19 vaccine. Furthermore, 29% of Democrat supported the idea that children should be removed from unvaccinated parents. A full 59% of all Democrats also supported measures that would confine unvaccinated Americans to their homes at all times.

A full 45% of Democrat voters also supported the rounding up of unvaccinated citizens and placement of them into “designated facilities.” These same voters also had a “very favorable” opinion of President Biden.

The number’s don’t lie, the Democrats have an absolute desire to lock up unvaccinated Americans for good to help themselves feel safe. An opinion piece published in the Salt Lake Tribune recently even called for military enforcement of total quarantine confinement for unvaccinated citizens.

If Republican lawmakers weren’t standing in the Democrats’ way, half of the country would be rounded up in concentration camps and forced to accept the jab.

Author: Samuel Brown