Poll Reveals Americans’ Trust In The Media, See The Results …

By Paul Bedard October 1st, 2020 | Image Source: Washington Examiner

With the public turning to social media for news, or just ignoring it altogether, trust in the legacy media has plummeted and is heading back to the historic low hit during the 2016 elections.

But a new Gallup poll finds that the public’s trust and confidence in mass media depends on their politics.

For Democrats, a near record high 73% have a great deal, or fair amount of trust in the media. For Republicans, an all-time low of 10% trust radio, TV, and newspapers. Just 3% of the GOP has a “great deal” of trust in media institutions.

The poll highlights:

9% of people in the U.S. trust mass media “a great deal,” and 31% “a fair amount.”
27% of people have “not very much” trust, and 33% have “none at all.”
The percentage of the public with no trust at all is a record high, up five points since 2019.

According to analysis of the poll, “33% who do not have any confidence this year reflects a five-point uptick and is the highest reading on record. Republicans are the main drivers behind this change: 58% of them now express this view, marking a 10-point increase and the first-ever majority-level reading.”

Since the 2016 election, Republicans and Democrats have been widely divided on the media. Democrats have supported the media, which has been harsh to President Trump, while Republicans have abandoned the mass media for the same reason. Trump has also attacked the legacy media’s coverage of his administration.

Gallup noted that many view the media as a key ingredient to a strong democracy, but their view of the current media doesn’t show universal support for the news business.

In its “Bottom Line” analysis, Gallup said, “Americans’ confidence in the media to report the news fairly, accurately and fully has been persistently low for over a decade and shows no signs of improving, as Republicans’ and Democrats’ trust moves in opposite directions. The political polarization that grips the country is reflected in partisans’ views of the media, which are now the most divergent in Gallup’s history.”

Author: Paul Bedard

Source: Washington Examiner: Just 9% trust media ‘a great deal,’ 33% ‘none at all,’ highest ever

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