Police Officially Defunded: What Happens Now?

Nearly 200 law enforcement officers have left the Minneapolis police force in the past year, according to one recently retired officer, the reason is that officers feel “helpless.”

Steve Dykstra, who left the Minneapolis PD last summer, said that cops no longer have the ability to enforce loitering or pursue vehicles. He said that “thanks to Mayor Frey,” citizens are no longer required “to stop for the police. . . anymore.” He claims that he left the force because he isn’t willing to act as a “stand-down cop.”

He explains that the result of Minneapolis police policies are “chaos, violence, and reoccurring crime.”

What’s happening in Minneapolis will probably be replicated in many Democrat cities. This is the new price of living in an American city. Policemen are abandoning cities in droves in the face of massive budget cuts, heavy restrictions on tactics, and pointed vitriol.

Fox News reported that Minneapolis is calling for federal and state aid after experiencing a bout of shootings and violence in the city on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death. In recent days, Minneapolis has seen three children senselessly killed, and a college student die mere hours before his graduation. Minneapolis announced a $30,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the suspects.

But rewards won’t prevent continued violence and murder. The city will continue to suffer the bloody consequences of an upside-down kingdom in which there are no bad people, just bad cops.

How many cops does a city need to keep law and order? The answer is uncertain, but the loss of 200 police officers for Minneapolis constitutes nearly a quarter of their force. In response, the police department has chartered a hiring plan meant to retain at least 674 police officers. They had 638 as of January.

Author: Erica Perez

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