Police Officers Commanded To Murder — Guess Who’s The Target?

CNN host Chris Cuomo made ghastly statements on Friday. He said that police reform is impossible until “white people’s kids start getting killed.”

Cuomo’s remarks were in the context of an examination of recent police shootings where the suspect was non-compliant and attempted to flee.

His rhetorical statements were part of a larger act meant to demonstrate his belief in white privilege. According to Cuomo, police reform and gun control will only be enacted once white children are regularly killed by police and black Americans start forming armed militias.

Cuomo also placed his foot in his mouth by stating that all police are “trained to deal with non-compliance” using non-lethal force. However most police agencies are tragically undertrained.

According to Rener Gracie, a martial-arts combat instructor, the average officer only receives one hour of physical-restraint training per year. In his estimation, this is far too little to expect officers to be proficient with restraint techniques.

Regardless, Cuomo’s grisly suggestion is the epitome of actual racism. His remarks are not based on any solid data that white suspects are killed at any lower a rate than black suspects. He’s just another mindless cog in the leftist media’s narrative.

Author: Dwayne Romero

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