[PICS] Liberals In Hysterics After Red States Begin Firearm Training In Schools

Liberals went absolutely berserk this week after photos leaked of students in fifth and sixth grade that are learning about firearm safety at their school. The classes are taking place in Hot Springs County, Wyoming. The courses are part of the physical education curriculum, where students aren’t just learning how to play dodgeball and other sports, but they’re learning important self-defense skills that can help them later in their lives.

The school posted the photos on their official account on Facebook, where they showed how students were learning how to handle a firearm safely through the use of air rifles. The caption to the photos read, “All students passed their safety test and have been sharpening their skills.”

There were many comments in support of the curriculum. Here are a few of them:

“This is what America needs more of,” a comment on the post said. “Education and responsible firearm ownership.”

“This is so awesome! Probably one of the safest schools in the country too,” another commenter wrote. “I need to find a school like this for my son once he’s old enough!”

“CA masks their kids, Wyoming teaches marksmanship,” said another commenter, referring to the mask mandates in schools that many liberal states are still taking part in.

While many people were incredibly supportive of this type of education, there was a whole other section of commenters that were absolutely enraged by the pictures.

“America is a dystopian hellhole,” said one commenter.

“Do they go straight from their gun marksmanship training to their active shooter drills?” another commenter asked.

Of course, the comments were also chock-full of typical leftist arguments, and people trying to say that teaching children safety with firearms was preparing them to take part in crimes in the future.

“Training the next school shooter young and providing the guns on campus nice,” a commenter said on Facebook.

Another commenter tried to say that these teachers were “literally raising possible school shooters.”

The truth is that there’s no evidence that teaching children how to properly handle a firearm will lead to violence in the future. In fact, there is evidence to the contrary that says that kids who learn about firearm safety and discipline are more likely to become law-abiding gun owners at some point in the future. Many deaths from firearms are also by those that don’t know how to properly handle one. So, basically, liberal arguments are completely invalid.

Victor Smith