Phony Feminist: Harris Exposed As Spineless Opportunist

The New York Times faced heavy fire from both Democrats and Republicans when they reported “bombshell” material on Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual misconduct without providing a scrap of exculpatory material.

That didn’t stop presidential hopeful Kamala Harris from doubling-down on her calls for impeachment however. She insisted time and time again that the accusations were “credible” and defended Blasey Ford to the end.

While the New York Times eventually gave an apology and retracted most of their article, Harris stood by her own insistent nonsense.

But how consistent is the now Vice President of the United States? Her uncompromising feminist bravado has evaporated in the light of her ally’s scandal.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s has been accused of inappropriate touching and remarks made to a growing list of 7 victims. And how does Harris respond to the sexual misconduct charges made against him? Absolute silence.

While both Senators from New York, and a growing list of bi-partisans, call for Cuomo to resign, the fire-brand feminist Harris sits on the sidelines because it’s politically inconvenient.

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