Pentagon Officials Can’t Hide This Tantalizing Secret Any Longer

Several days have passed since the Pentagon announced a successful drone strike against ISIS-K fighters in response to the suicide attack that killed thirteen American service members, but the “high-profile” names of the terrorists that the Pentagon claims to have wiped out is still a guarded secret.

United States Central Command initially touted that they had taken out one “ISIS-K planner,” later adding that they had killed two “planners and facilitators,” and that a third terrorist was wounded in the operation.

Subsequent news reports from outside the Pentagon indicate that 10 family members were slain in the strike, 7 of those being children. The Pentagon promised that an investigation would he held regarding the civilian deaths, but has yet to release any further information on the matter.

The corporate press published the names of the deceased relatives of one “former interpreter” who held an American special immigrant visa, but the Pentagon’s press secretary John Kirby still adamantly refuses to give up the names of the terrorists who were allegedly slain in the drone strike, nor reveal the roles that they played in the suicide bombing attack at the Kabul international airport.

All that Kirby would say on the matter is that it’s good that the targets of the attack “no longer [walk] the face of the Earth.” He said that the drone strike was good not just for U.S. troops at that time, but good for Afghanistan’s people as well.

Press initially took Kirby’s words uncritically, and one of the best revenge stories from that week petered out in mere days. While it’s not unusual for such clandestine anti-terrorist operations to remain secret until their completion, it’s very out of character for the Biden administration – or any other – to hide information about an allegedly successful display of military power.

When former President Trump successfully killed Qasem Soleimani, the former terrorist leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, he proudly touted the mission and boasted about how the victory would act as a deterrent for those considering hostilities against the United States.

Biden has made similar noises in hopes of creating deterrence, but does not back them up with action when it’s needed. Biden also continues to dodge responsibility for the many failings of the Afghanistan withdrawal, and his shady drone strike should leave the public wondering whether or not it truly was a success.

Author: Conrad Leonard