Pentagon Leaks New Technology — Fulfills Ominous Biblical Prophecy

Scientists at the Pentagon revealed information about a microchip implant which can be inserted under the skin and can sense COVID-19 in a person’s bloodstream before they have symptoms.

Reporters on CBS “60 Minutes” were given a demonstration on how the device works. Inserted into the skin, the chip allegedly detects the virus, and with the help of a dialysis machine, can reportedly remove the virus before the person gets sick.

Former colonel Matt Hepburn of DARPA explained that the chip reads chemical reactions that take place in the body, and gives off a signal when symptoms are expected soon.

While the technology may be advanced or even possibly effective at stopping COVID-19, the widespread use of such a microchip sounds like a dystopian sci-fi novel which would fulfill Orwellian prophecies. It could also be used as a means to determine which members of society have been compliant with COVID-19 restrictions and which ones haven’t.

Vaccine passports are already a reality. Without receiving the ‘Mark of the beast’ you may not be allowed to enter a grocery store or engage in any kind of commerce at all.

With new technologies such as this one, so-called conspiracy theorists seem to be closer to the mark with every passing day.

Author: Jean Shelton

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