Pelosi’s Investigation Is Nothing But Lies And Snowflake Tales

Today marked one of the first hearings about the events of January 6th in front of Nancy Pelosi’s select partisan committee. The hearing was a political stage-show filled with irrelevant information, fake crying, and questionable testimonies from Capital Police officers who were unable to offer anything of substance regarding the failed security issues that plagued the Capitol throughout that day.

Since the purpose of the event is to cathartically vent political emotional frustration, the hearings accomplished nothing and lies flowed like a river.

For starters, Bennie Thompson made the baseless claim that seven people died as a result of the protest.

Using the fast-and-loose logic of Thompson, one could argue that thousands of people died that day from a broad range of reasons across the country. Nevertheless, only one person died as a result of specific engagements at the Capitol building that day, and it was Ashli Babbitt who was shot to death by a still unidentified police officer. Despite popular claims by leftists, Officer Brian Sicknick did not perish from injuries he sustained at the Capitol, but rather died 12 hours later from an unrelated stroke.

Thompson also tried to bake in the deaths of two officers who committed suicide days later, despite there being no evidence that their actions were based in any way on the events of January 6th.

There was also the histrionic claim that January 6th represents the worst attack against the Capitol since 1812.

The Capitol building has sustained extensive damage throughout it’s long history, receiving multiple bombardments. The claim that trespassing protesters marked a greater threat than a literal explosion on Capitol grounds is a failure of common sense. It’s a hysterical ploy by those who disregard the facts.

While many regrettable things happened on January 6th, what never took place was a directed attack by Donald Trump. During his rally, Trump specifically called for a peaceful protest. While some protesters ignored his advice, we have to account for agency in this country, the trespassing protesters are responsible for their own actions.

Nothing was or will be accomplished by the stunt investigation, as Pelosi will voraciously block any efforts to dg into security lapses that she’s partially responsible for. Instead she’s going to put on a play of sob stories that will make for great campaign commercials in 2022. But her plan will ultimately backfire in the end.

Author: Edward Chandler