Pelosi Under Fire After Stunning Security Lapse Revealed

While the ultra-leftist routinely unprecedented protection from the fake news media, it appears that even Pelosi herself just might reach a limit that not even social media can erase. Ironically, that limit just happens to pertain to the January 6 events on Capitol Hill, events that Pelosi is well known for going berserk over.

In perhaps the most astonishing turn of events in recent weeks, Ms. Pelosi herself is suddenly under fire for the potential role she herself played in the events of Capitol Hill, which have proven to be suspiciously convenient for the flailing Democrats.

Whether the real purpose of Impeachment 2.0 was to hide their incompetence or obscure their rather nefarious assault on the United States, the Democrats’ miserable attempt at unconstitutional impeachment ran out of steam in under a week, much to the chagrin of vengeful leftists.

And, even more ironically, rather than raise the pressure on Trump, press conference crashing Pelosi now finds herself at the center of several uncomfortable questions.

Several GOP Reps, including Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, and more, sent a letter to Pelosi outline their rather clear concerns regarding the breach on Capitol Hill, observing that Pelosi has conveniently dodged any serious inquiry into her own involvement.

“Many important questions about your responsibility for the security of the Capitol remain unanswered. As you are aware, the Speaker of the House is not only the leader of the majority party, but also . . . is responsible for all operational decisions made within the House.” [Source: News Max]

Exactly. Despite Pelosi’s incoherent ranting during her press conference crashing bonanza, she apparently forgot her own responsibilities in Capitol Hill, from passing through metal detectors that she demanded to ensuring a secure environment on January 6.

On top of that, Pelosi further heightened suspicions when she flat out refused to agree to a bipartisan investigation of the events, as if that refusal was not a rather blatant admission of some type of culpability. Which the GOP reps also noted in their letter to Pelosi.

“[You took actions] in a partisan manner without any consultation of House Republicans and therefore raise questions about the political motivations of your decisions.” [Source: News Max]


Unsurprisingly, these questions aren’t going away anytime soon, nor should they.

If anything, even more individuals are starting to circle the wagons on Pelosi, for darn good reason, especially when considering all the curious advantages that Democrats received as a result of the Capitol Hill breach (including the interruption of rather reasonable objections to the electoral results).

After Trump’s acquittal, increasing attention has shifted towards how such a blatant breach of Capitol Hill could have occurred in the first place, especially since such a breach conveniently took place when the electoral results were being debated by Republicans who still have a spine.

Furthermore, suspicions have been amplified as reports have revealed that requests for additional security on January 6 were rejected, despite credible reports strongly advising that such additional presence is critically important.

In fact, Steven Sund, who was the chief of Capitol Hill Police revealed that House and Senate officials rejected his requests for additional security not once, but six different times before January 6.

Sund also didn’t hold back when he remarked on how differently events could have turned out.

“If we would have had the National Guard we could have held them at bay longer, until more officers from our partner agencies could arrive.” [Source: NPR]

Curiously strange coincidence indeed. 6 rejections of the National Guard for January 6, which conveniently provided the Democrats with an excuse to “impeach” Trump again.

And now the National Guard will not leave D.C., which further amplifies suspicions surrounding the Democrats.

After all, many leftists essentially called for the death of Trump, or otherwise encouraged severe harm, from reckless comedians to many others, yet Trump never once had tens of thousands of National Guard members lurking around D.C.

Wonder what the Democrats have in store next … as well as Trump himself.

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