Pelosi Scolds Media For Not Propagandizing Enough

Is it just me, or are politicians increasingly losing their filters? Just this week the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted that the Biden administration is leveraging the pandemic to make “fundamental change” to the American economy and way of life. Now, Pelosi also came out and spoke “the quiet part out loud” when she acknowledged that her party’s $3.5 trillion reconciliation spending plan isn’t as popular as Democrats have rhetorically pretended.

Pelosi’s annoyance with the stalemate boiled over recently when she was asked about whether or not the public was in support of Democrats massive climate and social overhaul spending. Instead of taking responsibility for the ridiculous partisan bill, the Speaker actually lectured the reporters and insisted that they failed in their responsibility to gin up public support for the plan. Most astonishingly, the reporters didn’t even flinch at this comment.

Pelosi told the reporters that “I think you all could to a better job of selling it, to be very frank with you.” She then went on to complain about how every session she must “go through the list: medical leave, climate, the issues…”

As mentioned, this is just another case of Democrats losing patience and losing tact by pointing out the elephant in the room. It’s simply assumed within Democrat circles that the majority of mainstream media is dogmatically loyal to whatever they come up with and will slant coverage to favor the party agenda. This year has seen some rare instances of disobedience this year such as the unavoidably painful Afghanistan evacuation situation, though for the most part the Democrat run media cartel has followed the script.

So what are the consequences of one of the country’s highest-ranking Democrats spilling the beans on camera? Not much as it happens.

It’s an unbelievable time when the elected Speaker of the House can lambast the media for failing to ‘sell’ her party’s bill out in broad daylight without anybody blinking. Nobody breaks stride at all, with the next reporter smoothly transitioning to another question about potentially reducing the size of the bill.

The bill is so massive in its scope that not a single person voting on it nor supporting it understands the bill in its entirety. While certain lawyers and lawmakers may know about the drafts they included in the bill there’s no bluffing that the public understands and can reasonably support such a massive increase in the financial burden that will be laid against America’s next several generations.

Author: Perry Caldwell